Elif Chocolate

Elif Chocolate

Welcome to the Delicious World of Elif Chocolate

Tasting a good piece of chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. Founded in 2012, Elif Chocolate offers products with unique flavors that will help you discover your love for chocolate. Elif brand started its activities by producing Chocolate and Wafer products in the first place, with the experience and confidence brought by years of experience. Then, it continues to grow by including biscuit, confectionery, cake and chewing gum products in its product range.

Since its establishment, we have been operating in Konya to produce the best chocolate and snacks in Turkey. We have adopted the principle of offering unique tastes to our consumers with our brand, quality materials and first-class production.

We do not consider the target market, we provide services in all countries of the world by producing different product groups and in line with the demands that may come from our customers. Our expert and joyful team has decades of experience in the quality chocolate industry. We are proud to deliver our products to more than 50 countries and every continent of the world with our more than 200 chocolate, confectionery, wafer, biscuit, bar and cake brands. As Elif Gıda, besides our own brand, we are also marketing and selling the products of companies that produce food.

Elif Chocolate has mastered all aspects of the industry in order to learn more about quality cocoa, control its quality and guarantee excellent production. With this spirit, we want to bring together the best chocolate, first with our country and then with the world.

We have produced a number of unique and memorable flavors by perfecting production techniques that will enhance the taste of carefully selected ingredients for biscuits, wafers, confectionery and bars. With the excitement of the first day we started production, we took unique steps in mastering the taste.

The internationally recognized expertise of our brand, our snacks and chocolates are of inseparable quality. We take care to offer our consumers the same quality in every package. You can visit our production facility at any time and witness our quality.

If you love chocolate and snacks or know the needs of those who love them, you can take your place in the sector by bringing together dozens of Elif chocolate groups with consumers. You are close to us with our power in supply, wherever you are in the world, with the special profit opportunities we offer to our dealers and the privilege of timely and complete delivery.