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Chocolate is probably known as the only common dessert in the world that every individual loves. It continues to be the most popular dessert with its milky, bitter and various forms. When we are happy, when we are sad, when our energy is low, when we are excited; the only address to adapt to even our every mood is snack.

Chocolate, due to its abundant cocoa content, increases the hormones of happiness, and dark chocolate contributes positively to our health when consumed regularly in appropriate amounts. Let’s customize the chocolate and add quality chocolates to our lives by seeing what we should pay attention to when choosing chocolate. Although the choice of consumption is everyone’s own, it can be said that everyone craves to taste a sugar- and aroma-intensive snack while thinking that we are eating chocolate.

The most important reasons we love chocolate is because it tastes good, smells good, and feels great when it melts in our mouths.

The experience of eating chocolate is what makes you happy. Eating chocolate actually releases dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter to certain areas of the brain: the frontal lobe, hippocampus, and hypothalamus.

Dopamine is released when you encounter something that gives you joy, such as eating chocolate. What triggers dopamine release is determined in part by genetics, but can also be conditioned by certain preferences and life experiences.

Because dopamine is released into your brain when you eat chocolate, it can actually lower your stress levels. This is why people often crave chocolate in stressful situations or crave chocolate when they need comfort or reassurance.

Emotions play a role in the wishes you have. Just as people crave soup when they’re sick, there can be many reasons why you crave chocolate, even associating it with a comfort food.

As Elif Chocolate, you can consume our chocolates that we produce by providing our special recipes and hygienic conditions with peace of mind.

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