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Sugar Candies And The Brief History of Sugar

Sugar candies are small, sugar-coated sweets made by mixing sugar, water, glucose syrup, and flavorings. The sugar in candy is crystallized and often colorful. Sugar candies are typically consumed by letting them dissolve in the mouth rather than chewing.

Sugar candies are often associated with holiday celebrations, such as Şeker Bayramı, which is an Islamic holiday celebrated at the end of Ramadan. The name “Şeker Bayramı” translates to “Sugar Festival” in Turkish, and candies and chocolates are popular treats during the festivities.

The history of sugar dates back to ancient times when sugar was extracted from plants such as sugarcane and sugar beets. Sugar was widely used in countries such as India, China, and Egypt.

Bonbons were first produced in France in the 17th century. The word “bonbon” comes from the French word for “good talker,” as bonbons were given as gifts to people who spoke well. The first bonbons were made by mixing sugar, honey, and fruit juice, boiling the mixture, shaping it, and letting it dry. Initially, bonbons were used as medicine and often contained honey and herbal extracts.

Over time, bonbons developed into different flavors and shapes. With the increased production of sugarcane and sugar beets in the 19th century, the production of bonbons became more widespread.

In Turkey, the history of confectionery dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The Ottoman Empire used fresh fruits in their desserts and confections. In the Ottoman Empire, sugar and confectionery production was carried out by palace kitchens and local candy makers.

Today, bonbons can be made from a variety of ingredients and can be flavored with chocolate, fruit, milk, caramel, and more. Bonbons are a popular treat worldwide, and they are often enjoyed by both children and adults.

Elif Sugar Products

Elif sugar group’s mini bonbons come in flavors such as orange, apple, lemon, and strawberry. These mini bonbons are available in different packaging such as cardboard boxes and lidded boxes, and they are a favorite among children. Elif sugar candies are enjoyed by children in many countries worldwide. The sugar in candy is crystallized and often colorful, and they are typically consumed by letting them dissolve in the mouth. Sugar candies are popular treats worldwide and are enjoyed by many people.