Elif Chocolate

Unlimited Flavor, Elif Chocolate…

Since 2012, we have been offering unique products with flavors that will help you explore your love for chocolate.

As Elif Chocolate, we took our first steps into the industry with chocolate and wafer production, leveraging the experience and expertise gained over the years. Our successful and reliable track record has built a strong trust among consumers. Over time, as we elevate our success graph every day, we have expanded our range of products to include various flavors such as biscuits, confectionery, cakes, and gum. Strengthening our position in the industry, we are progressing confidently towards our growth goals.

High Standards, Unforgettable Tastes

Operating in Konya since our establishment, we are dedicated to producing Turkey’s superior chocolates and snacks. Our brand is committed to providing consumers with unique flavors by adopting quality ingredients and first-class production techniques. With our extensive product range, especially in chocolate, we strive to elevate our quality standards every day, aiming to offer customers an unforgettable taste experience.

Reaching Over 200 Products in 50+ Countries!

We take pride in reaching over 50 countries worldwide with our 200+ brands of chocolates, confectionery, wafers, biscuits, bars, and cakes. In addition to our own brand, we engage in the marketing and sales of products from other food manufacturing companies, operating across a wide spectrum. This allows us not only to bring our quality and delicious products to consumers on every continent but also to support other brands in the industry. We continue our efforts towards being a globally reliable food brand.

Some of our brands as Elif Chocolate include:

Brillant, Caramel, Cenne, Concorde, Cross, Elif Special, Love, Istanbul, Eclairs, Jelly, Caramel, Yuppiyum, Minibobon, and Airbon.

We turn small moments into great joys during sweet times.

For detailed information about our products, you can review our product catalog or contact us right away.

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