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Worldwide & Increasing Chocolate Consumption in Turkey

The Most Popular Sweet, Chocolate…

Due to being one of the most beloved treats, chocolate consumption is continuously on the rise globally. Its status as the most popular and preferred sweet worldwide accelerates its consumption. We consume chocolate in various forms, such as in jars as cream, as bars, inside candies, and as a flavoring agent in many other products. The impact of chocolate on the happiness hormone is also a reason for its widespread preference.

Intense Flavor with Dark Chocolate, Low Calories!

Chocolate, derived from a special plant grown in tropical climates, owes its existence to its main component, cocoa. Cocoa is sweetened by adding ingredients like sugar, milk, nuts, and hazelnuts, transforming it into chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa compared to other types of chocolate. This means it has lower amounts of milk and sugar. Dark chocolate, with its intense cocoa flavor and reduced sugar content, is considered somewhat healthier and lower in calories. Typically containing at least 70% cocoa, dark chocolate is known for its distinctive taste and reduced sugar content.

Why Does Dark Chocolate Have More Antioxidants Compared to Milk Chocolate?

The flavonoids in milk chocolate, which slow down intestinal absorption, are a characteristic of milk chocolate often having lower cocoa content. It is known that chocolate can enhance brain functions and concentration, and it is also believed to support mental performance by aiding learning and comprehension activities.

In the World Sweet Crisis; Annual Consumption of 1 Million Tons of Chocolate!

After discussing all these characteristics of chocolate, let’s talk a bit about chocolate consumption globally and in the country.

Worldwide, the annual chocolate consumption is approximately around 1 million tons. Turkey ranks 5th in global chocolate consumption. The amount of chocolate produced in our country in a year reaches 240,000 tons. In addition, the average amount of chocolate consumed by an individual in Turkey per year is 3.1 kilograms. These statistics highlight Turkey as a significant player in chocolate consumption, with a noticeable per capita consumption.

As Elif Chocolate, since 2012, we have been at the forefront of the Turkish sector with our quality and high production capacity. Located in Konya, our factory has been making efforts for years to produce the best chocolates and snacks in Turkey. We take pride in reaching our products to more than 50 countries and every continent worldwide.

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