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Our Vision for Food Safety…

Food safety has become increasingly important in recent times and has become a subject that everyone pays attention to and investigates. Food safety is crucial as it protects consumers from the risk of illness. Moreover, the greatest advantage of food safety is that it safeguards businesses from potential problems caused by unsafe products.

Food safety is achievable by controlling every stage of the process, starting from raw materials to the final product.

At Elif Chocolate, we have sufficient knowledge and awareness of food safety and closely follow updates in this area, providing services in compliance with current regulations.

Things to be done for a Safe Food Process:

  1. Ensure the use of reliable raw materials to maintain consistent product quality throughout its shelf life.
  2. Ensure that facilities and equipment comply with standards.
  3. Implement cleaning and hygiene processes in accordance with rules.
  4. Provide necessary training and hygiene awareness to personnel.
  5. Control supplier and raw material conditions.
  6. Ensure the security of storage and distribution conditions.
  7. Emphasize the continuity of the existing quality and system.


Our Fundamental Principle: Safe Food

Since the cocoa raw material comes to our country from abroad, the storage and production process under appropriate conditions becomes critically important. The production of all types of chocolate in compliance with specific standards and by an expert team is the most important element for safe food. In this regard, Elif Chocolate continues its production process by providing the necessary conditions for safe production and making improvements, testing all processes for compliance with standards to avoid any results that may threaten health.

To produce safe food, Elif Chocolate adopts a series of precautions and standards, including Compliance with Hygiene Standards, Quality Control and Assurance, Traceability and Monitoring System, Personnel Training, Prevention of Cross-Contamination, Proper Storage, Compliance with Legal Requirements, and Risk Assessment.

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