Elif Chocolate

Elif Chocolate produces quality and innovative products with the passion it has for the best quality first class chocolate. Our commitment to excellence and quality sets us apart from mass-marketed chocolate brands. As we meet our consumers with a new product every day, we are investigating how we can improve our products every day.

Elif Chocolate is fed by creativity and innovation. Using only fresh, carefully selected and uniquely balanced regional and seasonal ingredients from around the world, we offer our customers impeccable quality and innovative recipes.

Our chocolates are locally made fresh to order daily by a team of passionate chocolatiers. Elif Chocolate now invites you to step into the world of premium snacks and taste the chocolate known as “the indispensable of sweet moments”.

“Chocolate, like no other food, symbolizes luxury, comfort, sensuality, pleasure and love.”

-Karl Petzke


Our Vision


  • Excellence. Our mission is to create the world’s best quality chocolates and flavors.
  • Innovation. We are driven by creativity, originality and a pioneering spirit
  • Quality production. All of our recipes are made by teams that produce with passion.
  • Integrity. We source honest materials and challenge ourselves to minimize our environmental impact
  • experiences. We aim to capture the imagination and stimulate your senses through every interaction.

Our chocolates are supplied from the world’s leading cocoa bean suppliers and domestic producers, with the best quality materials in the world.