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Why Do Children Like Candy More ?

Candy brings happiness to almost every child. No matter what mood children are in, sometimes candy or chocolate can be enough to make them happy.

While some children lose interest in sugar over time, others remain devoted fans of sugary treats throughout adolescence and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main reasons why kids love candy so much:


There are many options in terms of flavors when it comes to candy. Nowadays, children can easily access candy and chocolate, which are offered in a wide range to suit every budget and taste.


Children may be more interested in sugar because the taste of breast milk, which the child needs during infancy, is similar to sugar.

Mothers’ eating habits during pregnancy may affect children’s food preferences.

Babies often use their sense of smell to distinguish different tastes. They prefer tastes they are already familiar with, such as the foods their mothers ate during pregnancy. So, if the mother has a sweet tooth during pregnancy, the baby is more likely to like sugar.


In ancient times, people satisfied their sweet needs by consuming fruits and preferred sweet fruits more than non-sweet ones. For this reason, they ate sweet fruits and this dominant taste settled in their genes. Some research shows that babies are still born carrying these genes.

Another reason why children are fond of sweets is that growing bones produce hormones that affect metabolism, and these hormones increase the desire to eat sweets in children, depending on appetite.


For many children, candy is a reward for something well done. This is because candy provides an instant sense of satisfaction that can motivate children to do their best. Seeing the child’s happiness while eating chocolate makes parents equally happy.


In short, candy is a way to create happy memories that last a lifetime.

Some candies can take you back to your childhood memories. This is because sugar is often associated with happy memories and good times. For children, these associations are even stronger because they are still in the process of forming memories.

In fact, this is why candy is such an important part of childhood. In short, candy is a way to create happy memories that last a lifetime. Even though children grow up and their tastes change, the memories of childhood sweets will always remain in their minds.

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