Elif Chocolate

The chocolate market stabilized after the easing of restrictions in both importing and exporting countries. Consumers’ domestic consumption of chocolate witnessed a huge spike during the corona-era curfew; Chocolates, among other consumables, were purchased in bulk, resulting in higher volume sales through supermarkets and hypermarkets.

As Elif Chocolate, we offer our low-weight, easy-to-consume chocolates in large packages and in kilograms, in line with the increasing bulk purchasing needs. We continue to be the most preferred chocolate of large families and settlements with high population density.

We managed to win the appreciation of our consumers in a short time, not only with chocolate but also with our candy group products. Our caramel candies and soft candies continue to be in the most consumed snack and dessert category. We are expanding our dealer network day by day with the privileged working models we offer to our dealers, which carries our brand forward on the way to globalization.

We are developing our production lines in our ongoing journey with the mission of trust in production, speed in delivery and peak quality. It is improving our distribution channels so that we can deliver faster. It continuously improves our storage conditions and hygiene standards.

The fans of each of our product groups are also gathered in separate categories. In addition to our chocolate group, which is most preferred by large families, it also takes our place in business and private life with our gift group.

By working with Elif chocolates, you can import chocolate directly from the producer from Turkey to your country. You can expand your market with very special conditions. The sweetest food in the world can turn into the most enjoyable job in the world for you. You can connect with us via our contact form. Our customer representatives will respond quickly to you and answer your request within 24 hours.

By entering the chocolate industry with the Elif chocolate brand, you can increase your earnings in the right way.

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